2 Samuel 19:4; Esther 6:12; Jeremiah 14:3–4

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2 Samuel 19:4

The king pcovered his face, and the king cried with a loud voice, qO my son Absalom, O Absalom, my son, my son!

Esther 6:12

12 Then Mordecai returned to the king’s gate. But Haman hurried to his house, mourning zand with his head covered.

Jeremiah 14:3–4

Her nobles send their servants for water;

they come to the cisterns;

they find no water;

they return with their vessels empty;

they are cashamed and confounded

and dcover their heads.

Because of the ground that is dismayed,

since there is eno rain on the land,

the farmers are ashamed;

they cover their heads.