2 Chronicles 30:14; 2 Kings 23:6; 2 Kings 23:15

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2 Chronicles 30:14

14 They set to work and removed sthe altars that were in Jerusalem, and all the altars for burning incense they took away tand threw into the brook Kidron.

2 Kings 23:6

And he brought out hthe Asherah from the house of the Lord, outside Jerusalem, to the brook Kidron, iand burned it at the brook Kidron jand beat it to dust and cast the dust of it upon the graves kof the common people.

2 Kings 23:15

15 Moreover, the altar at Bethel, the high place erected bby Jeroboam the son of Nebat, cwho made Israel to sin, dthat altar with the high place he pulled down and burned,1 reducing it to dust. He also burned the Asherah.