2 Chronicles 25:11; 2 Chronicles 25:14; Genesis 32:3; Genesis 36:8

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2 Chronicles 25:11

11 But Amaziah took courage and led out his people and went to the qValley of Salt and struck down r10,000 men of Seir.

2 Chronicles 25:14

Amaziah’s Idolatry

14 After Amaziah came from striking down the Edomites, the brought the gods rof the men of Seir and set them up as his gods and worshiped them, making offerings to them.

Genesis 32:3

And Jacob sent1 messengers before him to Esau his brother in the land of vSeir, the country of Edom,

Genesis 36:8

So Esau settled in nthe hill country of Seir. (oEsau is Edom.)