2 Chronicles 11:23; 2 Chronicles 8:5; 2 Chronicles 12:4; 2 Chronicles 14:6; 2 Chronicles 17:2; 2 Chronicles 17:19; 2 Chronicles 21:3

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2 Chronicles 11:23

23 And he dealt wisely and distributed some of his sons through all the districts of Judah and Benjamin, in all the fortified cities, and he gave them abundant provisions and procured wives for them.1

2 Chronicles 8:5

He also built oUpper Beth-horon and Lower Beth-horon, pfortified cities pwith walls, gates, and bars,

2 Chronicles 12:4

And he took fthe fortified cities of Judah and came as far as Jerusalem.

2 Chronicles 14:6

He built lfortified cities in Judah, for the land had rest. He had no war in those years, mfor the Lord gave him peace.

2 Chronicles 17:2

He placed forces in all the nfortified cities of Judah and set garrisons in the land of Judah, and in the cities of Ephraim othat Asa his father had captured.

2 Chronicles 17:19

19 These were in the service of the king, besides zthose whom the king had placed in the fortified cities throughout all Judah.

2 Chronicles 21:3

Their father gave them great gifts of silver, gold, and valuable possessions, together with ffortified cities in Judah, but he gave the kingdom to Jehoram, because he was the firstborn.