1 Peter 3:16; 2 Corinthians 8:21; Philippians 2:15; Titus 2:8

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1 Peter 3:16

16 jhaving a good conscience, so that, kwhen you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ may be put to shame.

2 Corinthians 8:21

21 for hwe aim at what is honorable inot only in the Lord’s sight but also in the sight of man.

Philippians 2:15

15 that you may be blameless and innocent, lchildren of God mwithout blemish nin the midst of oa crooked and twisted generation, among whom you shine pas lights in the world,

Titus 2:8

and bsound speech that cannot be condemned, cso that an opponent may be put to shame, having nothing evil to say about us.