1 Kings 9:15; 1 Kings 9:24; 1 Kings 11:27; 2 Kings 12:20; 2 Chronicles 32:5

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1 Kings 9:15

15 And this is the account of bthe forced labor that King Solomon drafted to build the house of the Lord and his own house and cthe Millo and the wall of Jerusalem and dHazor and eMegiddo and Gezer

1 Kings 9:24

24 But gPharaoh’s daughter went up from the city of David to sher own house that Solomon had built for her. tThen he built uthe Millo.

1 Kings 11:27

27 And this was the reason why he lifted up his hand against the king. tSolomon built the Millo, and closed up the breach of the city of David his father.

2 Kings 12:20

20 hHis servants arose and made a conspiracy iand struck down Joash in the house of jMillo, on the way that goes down to Silla.

2 Chronicles 32:5

He set to work resolutely and built up kall the wall that was broken down and raised towers upon it,1 and outside it he built another wall, and he strengthened the lMillo in the city of David. He also made weapons and shields in abundance.