1 Chronicles 9:23; Ezekiel 44:8; Ezekiel 44:14–15; Ezekiel 44:16; Ezekiel 48:11; Leviticus 8:35; Numbers 1:53

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1 Chronicles 9:23

23 So they and their sons were in charge of the gates of the house of the Lord, that is, the house of the tent, as guards.

Ezekiel 44:8

And oyou have not kept charge of my holy things, but you have set others to keep my charge for you in my sanctuary.

Ezekiel 44:14–15

14 Yet I will appoint them to keep acharge of the temple, bto do all its service and all that is to be done in it.

Rules for Levitical Priests

15 But cthe Levitical priests, cthe sons of Zadok, who kept athe charge of my sanctuary rwhen the people of Israel went astray from me, shall come near to me dto minister to me. And they shall stand before me to offer me ethe fat and the blood, declares the Lord God.

Ezekiel 44:16

16 They shall enter my sanctuary, and they shall approach fmy table, to minister to me, and they shall keep my charge.

Ezekiel 48:11

11 This shall be for sthe consecrated priests, tthe sons of Zadok, who kept my charge, who did not go astray when the people of Israel went astray, uas the Levites did.

Leviticus 8:35

35 At the entrance of the tent of meeting you shall remain day and night for seven days, performing what the Lord has qcharged, so that you do not die, for so I have been commanded.

Numbers 1:53

53 But the Levites shall camp around the tabernacle of the testimony, so that there may be no qwrath on the congregation of the people of Israel. rAnd the Levites shall keep guard over the tabernacle of the testimony.