Are there discounts for large purchases?

We offer build discounts for Pew BiblesOutreach Bibles, and other editions. For more information about discounts, contact a Crossway representative at 1-800-635-7993.

Why doesn’t the ESV capitalize all pronouns referring to God?

The ESV does not capitalize deity pronouns for two reasons:

(1) The capitalization of deity pronouns in the Bible is a recent innovation that began less than fifty years ago. For example, the KJV Bible and its later revisions (except for the NKJV) did not capitalize deity pronouns. Given the legacy of the KJV, the ESV translation thought that this would be best.

(2) Also, the original Bible manuscripts in Greek and Hebrew do not capitalize deity pronouns. Hebrew manuscripts do not have capital letters. In Greek manuscripts, the letters are all either capital or lower case.

Are there any parallel Bibles with the ESV?

Yes. The ESV is included in The Essential Evangelical Parallel Bible published by Oxford University Press. A parallel ESV German edition and an ESV Spanish edition are available through Crossway. The English-Greek Reverse Interlinear New Testament is available through Crossway. Although no ESV/KJV printed Bible is available, the ESV and the KJV can be seen in parallel on many websites.

Is there an edition that includes the Apocrypha?

Crossway does not publish the ESV in editions with the Apocrypha. However, an edition of the ESV with the Apocrypha is available through Oxford University Press.

Is there an anglicized edition?

Anglicized editions, with British spellings for some words, are available from HarperCollins UK. Learn more on the HarperCollins website.

How do I get a copy if I live outside North America?

If you live anywhere outside of the United Kingdom and the European Union, you may order a copy from Crossway. In the UK and the EU, please order a copy of the ESV published by HarperCollins UK.

For the Seek and Find Children’s Bible, ESV Children’s Bible, and the English-Greek Reverse Interlinear New Testament, you may order from Crossway anywhere in the world.

Editions may also be purchased at many local Bible Societies and book retailers worldwide, and online at several sites including: www.amazon.com, www.cbd.com, www.evangelicalbible.com, and www.wtsbooks.com.

What is TruTone®?

TruTone® is a soft, durable, synthetic, leather-like material made of polyurethane. Our TruTone® Bibles are covered under the same guarantee as our leather Bibles. It is available in many colors and designs.

I would like to use the ESV or materials from the ESV Study Bible in writing, speaking, or in another project. What are the copyright policies surrounding its use?

Please visit the following page on our website: www.crossway.org/rights-permissions/esv

Where can I find information on the 2011 ESV text changes?

The following is a letter from Crossway’s president regarding the 2011 ESV text changes:

Thank you for your love for God’s Word and for your interest specifically in the ESV Bible.

As the publisher of the ESV, I want to let you know that a small number of word changes are being incorporated into the ESV Bible text, as we reprint and publish new editions of the ESV in 2011.

The extent of the word changes is comparatively small, involving about 275 verses and less than 500 words out of more than 750,000 words in the Bible text. To put this into perspective, the changes to the ESV are about one one-hundreth of the changes made recently in other leading Bible translations.

A few examples are changes from “yourself” to “you”; from “servant” to “worker”; from “has not” to “does not have”; from “young man” to “boy”; from “capital” to “citadel”; from “bondage” to “slavery”; from “nor” to “or”; from “trustworthy” to “faithful”; from “competent” to “sufficient”; from “everyone” to “each one.” A complete list of changes, shown in the context of each verse, is provided here. You can also download a copy of the ESV preface, for further explanation of the ESV translation philosophy, principles, and legacy.

This list of 2011 changes was reviewed and discussed over the last five years by the thirteen-member ESV Translation Oversight Committee (TOC). The TOC then met in the Summer of 2010, and finalized the list in the Spring of 2011. The changes were then approved by the Crossway Board of Directors in April 2011. Editions of the ESV with the 2011 text changes include the following notice on the copyright page: “ESV Text Edition: 2011.”

Most changes to the ESV text were made to correct grammar, improve consistency, or increase precision in meaning. In making these changes, the Committee was deeply conscious of the enormous responsibility entrusted to it—to translate the very words of God, with the greatest possible accuracy and precision, depth of meaning, and literary excellence.

I would be grateful for your prayers and support for the ministry that the Lord has entrusted to all of us at Crossway—that we may faithfully serve our Lord and his church, and that he alone may be glorified in all we do.

On behalf of the ESV Bible Translation Oversight Committee and the

Crossway Board of Directors,

Lane T. Dennis, PhD
Crossway President and
ESV Translation Oversight Committee Chair

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