“The ESV is a dream come true for me. The rightful heir to a great line of historic translations, it provides the continuity and modern accuracy I longed for. Now the scope and theological faithfulness of the ESV Study Bible study notes is breathtaking. Oh how precious is the written Word of God.”
John Piper,
Pastor for Preaching and Vision, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, MN
“The definitive clarity and beauty of the ESV Study Bible is extraordinary. In a world where words are distorted to mean anything, it is wonderful to have complete confidence in the reliability and truth of the Bible—so clearly and persuasively demonstrated by this world-class team of Bible scholars and teachers. For everyone who wants to understand God’s Word in a deeper way, the ESV Study Bible is an outstanding resource. I will be an avid user!”
Joni Eareckson Tada,
Founder, JAF International Disability Center, Agoura Hills, CA
“The ESV Study Bible is the finest study tool I have seen in fifty years of Bible teaching. The notes, articles, maps, and illustrations are all of the highest quality. It is a great achievement!”
Jerry Bridges,
speaker, bestselling author of The Pursuit of Holiness
“Outstanding! The ESV Study Bible is a treasure—a beautiful volume, filled with a wealth of resources. It will be just as useful for the seminarian and long-time pastor as it will be accessible to the brand-new Christian.”
R. Albert Mohler Jr.,
President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
“If I could recommend one tool to anyone who wants to study the Word of God, it would be the ESV Study Bible. Not only does it contain a wealth of notes and articles addressing everything from the meaning of individual verses to the big picture of God’s story, but all these resources are also available online. We use the ESV Study Bible as a tool for training Cru missionaries how to interpret Scripture. I love the fact that the content can be accessed with a web browser from anywhere in the world, for those who own the study Bible. This is one resource you definitely want to add to your library.”
Keith E. Johnson,
National Director of Theological Education – Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)
“Like the ESV itself, this study Bible sets a new standard in excellence. The craftsmanship invested in every page—from the insightful articles and informative notes to the crisp design and gorgeous illustrations—makes it an invaluable tool for students of God’s Word. As a pastor it’s my goal to get one into the hands of every member of my church.”
Joshua Harris,
Senior Pastor, Covenant Life Church, Gaithersburg, MD
“Wow! Concise, lucid, enlightening—the ESV Study Bible is an amazing resource. With its textual fidelity, doctrinal substance, and artistic beauty, the ESV Study Bible will be an immense help to all who hunger for God-breathed Scripture. I wholeheartedly recommend this exceptional resource.”
Randy Alcorn,
bestselling author of Heaven and Money, Possessions, and Eternity
“The ESV Study Bible is an invaluable and inexhaustible resource—for those who already know and treasure God’s Word, as well as for the new generation of Bible students who have yet to discover the wonder and wealth of Scripture. I especially love the way the notes and articles highlight the great redemptive story and ‘connect the dots’ between the various portions and themes of Scripture. Full of rich insight, scholarly yet accessible—I am deeply grateful for this magnificent work.”
Nancy Leigh DeMoss,
author, host of Revive Our Hearts Radio
“The ESV Study Bible is a gift to God’s people everywhere. Building on the finest biblical text available, the study notes are solidly evangelical and totally practical. Every serious student, teacher, and communicator of the Bible will want a copy of this magnificent edition of God’s Word.”
Jack Graham,
Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX
“I can’t imagine a greater gift to the body of Christ than the ESV Study Bible. It is a potent combination indeed: the reliability and readability of the ESV translation, supplemented by the best of modern and faithful scholarship, packaged in an accessible and attractive format. A Christian could make no wiser investment for himself, a pastor could recommend no better resource for his congregation.”
C. J. Mahaney,
President, Sovereign Grace Ministries, Gaithersburg, MD
“The stunning illustrations and full-color maps immediately set apart the ESV Study Bible. Not only are the graphics highly attractive, they reflect detailed accuracy and the most recent archaeological discoveries. The three-dimensional reconstructions bring the biblical cities and buildings to life, and with 200 in-text maps, the reader doesn’t need to reach for an atlas to see the biblical sites. With its first-rate translation, top-notch scholarly notes, and superior illustrations, the ESV Study Bible is in a class of its own.”
Todd Bolen,
Associate Professor of Bible, The Master’s College, Santa Clarita, CA; Photographer, BiblePlaces.com
“I was privileged to act as General Editor of the English Standard Version, and now that I look back on what we did in producing that version, I find myself suspecting very strongly that this was the most important thing that I have ever done for the Kingdom, and that the product of our labors is perhaps the biggest milestone in Bible translation in certainly the last half century at least, and perhaps more. And now, as Theological Editor of the ESV Study Bible, I believe that the work we have done together on this project has set an altogether new standard in study Bibles.”
J. I. Packer,
Professor of Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada
“The ESV Study Bible is accessible, comprehensive, theologically sound, beautifully and helpfully formatted, chock full of maps, charts, well-chosen cross-references, and illustrations. I’m confident that it will be an instant and reliable help to growing Christians; high school, college, and seminary students; busy pastors; and Bible teachers. In short, the ESV Study Bible is an edifying, state-of-the-art resource that I highly recommend and will use with joy!”
Ligon Duncan,
Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS; President, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
“The ESV Study Bible is unparalleled in quality. Like the ESV text itself, the study Bible notes, articles, and graphics set the standard for the 21st century.”
R. Kent Hughes,
Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church, Wheaton, IL
“The ESV Study Bible is a tour de force: innovative production, beautiful graphics, and notes by outstanding scholars packed with useful information.”
Mark Dever,
Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC
“I am thrilled with the ESV Study Bible, especially for what it will mean to many who have only recently discovered the life-giving power of God’s Word. If you are looking for an in-depth understanding of God’s Word, pick up the ESV Study Bible. It’s perfect for this new generation of Bible readers who are eager to learn.”
David Helm,
Senior Pastor, Holy Trinity Church, Chicago, IL
“The ESV Study Bible provides an extraordinary collection of study tools and rich theological insights. It is a providential gift of our Lord that will impact not only this generation but generations to come. I cannot overstate its value for individual believers, the church, and Christian leaders.”
Harry L. Reeder III,
Senior Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham, AL; author of The Leadership Dynamic
“I believe the ESV Study Bible is the world’s best single-volume resource for reading, studying, and teaching the Bible. Produced by a team of leading evangelical scholars, the ESV Study Bible provides a wealth of theological, historical, grammatical, and archaeological information in the articles, book introductions, and verse-by-verse notes. Exceptional attention has also been given to producing new maps, charts, and visual illustrations of places in the Bible. The visual impact is stunning—with beautiful images that will draw readers back to the study Bible again and again, giving them a deeper understanding of the sites and settings of the Bible.”
Philip Ryken,
Senior Minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA
“Created by Bible-believing scholars with great wisdom, vast knowledge, and deep faith; who vigorously apply mind and heart to what God’s Word says; based on one of the most beautiful Bible translations ever—the ESV Study Bible is extraordinary. What a great gift to the church! What a great tool for preachers! What a great resource to God’s people!”
Bryan Chapell,
President, Covenant Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO
“Study Bibles have reached a new level of excellence with the publication of the ESV Study Bible—a marvelous resource for students of Holy Scripture. Produced by a top-flight team of scholars, it is the most instructive and attractive study Bible available today. The carefully generated maps and illustrations beautifully illuminate the thorough exegetical notes and informative thematic articles. I am enthusiastic about the ESV Study Bible!”
David S. Dockery,
President, Union University, Jackson, TN
“The designers and contributors to the ESV Study Bible have put the ‘study’ back into ‘Study Bible.’ Not only is the English Standard Version proving to be a standard among modern translations, but the ESV Study Bible will prove to be a standard setter as well. I will most certainly use it and encourage the members of our local churches to do the same.”
Anthony J. Carter,
Lead Pastor, East Post Church, East Point, GA
“The past quarter century has witnessed a plethora of study Bibles based on a corresponding array of new versions and translations. As excellent as many of them are, the ESV Study Bible is certain to take its place as the premiere work of its kind. Produced by a galaxy of evangelical scholars representing a broad geographical and ecclesiastical horizon, this tour de force of its genre is replete not only with clear and cogent notes on the biblical text but it provides in addition scores of articles on topics such as theology of the Old Testament, introduction to the Pentateuch, reading the Gospels and Acts, and reading the Epistles. The icing on the cake is the inclusion of dozens of beautifully colored maps, photos, and graphs and charts, all placed at strategically located places throughout. Crossway has raised high the bar by publishing a study Bible that is likely to become the standard for generations to come.”
Eugene H. Merrill,
Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, TX & Distinguished Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY
“For those who have made the ESV their translation of choice, this study Bible will be a welcome resource as it provides a virtual textbook to accompany the translation. The wealth of material that is provided in comments, articles, and cross-references is comparable to what may be found in the most helpful study Bibles available today. But the visual impact of the full-color charts, maps and diagrams distinguish it as exemplary. Though one cannot expect to agree with every interpretive opinion offered, readers will find the introductions, articles and notes to be judicious and scholarly representing a high standard of informed traditional interpretation.”
John H. Walton,
Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College and Graduate School, Wheaton, IL
“The ESV Study Bible overcomes one of the greatest handicaps of other study Bibles, namely notes and comments that intrigue but are inchoate, due to lack of space. But this publication will set a new standard for comprehensive helps in interpreting more of Scripture in delightful detail—a handsomely illustrated commentary with copious notes on each page, as well as a profusion of maps, definitions, and explanations in addition to the ESV Bible itself—and all in one volume. Who could ask for more? The ESV Study Bible will be my first biblical resource henceforth.”
Paul L. Maier,
Russell H. Seibert Professor of Ancient History, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI
“This ambitious project has a fine lineup of contributors, and I am also particularly impressed with the excellent visual features, including color maps and illustrations.”
Larry Hurtado,
Head of the School of Divinity, Professor of New Testament Language, Literature & Theology, New College, University of Edinburgh
“This is surely the most comprehensive study Bible yet! Serious students of the Bible will find this an invaluable aid to understanding the text, the background, and some key theological issues of the Bible. In addition to the reliable ESV text with notes, it has resources that no teacher or preacher should be without. Beautifully produced and accessible, it will also make a great gift for new Christians.”
Graeme Goldsworthy,
Author, former lecturer at Moore Theological College, Newtown, Australia
“The contributors to the ESV Study Bible represent the best of conservative biblical scholarship and solid and balanced theological positions. These scholars hold to a very high view of the authority of Scripture and are faithful interpreters. I cannot think of a better group of contributing scholars for such a project! The introductions, overviews, and study notes for each biblical book are immensely helpful to understanding the contents of these books. The charts, pictures, and maps help visualize what happened where and when. In addition, the special introductory essays are outstanding and will help readers to understand such difficult topics as the formation of the Old and New Testament canon, the reliability of the Old and New Testament manuscripts, how to interpret the Bible, how to apply biblical truth, and many more important topics related to Christian faith. The ESV Study Bible is an almost bottomless treasure from which readers will find many gems. I enthusiastically recommend it to students, pastors, and any Christians who want to understand their Bibles better!”
G. K. Beale,
Kenneth T. Wessner Chair of Biblical Studies, Professor of New Testament, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL
“The English Standard Version has been my translation of choice for the last ten years and more. When you combine the reverent and careful rendition with the riches of the articles, commentaries and support detail in the Study Bible, we have access to an ideal single-volume elucidation of the Scriptures.”
Peter Jensen,
Archbishop of Sydney
“The ESV Study Bible is a magisterial work and a monumental achievement. I’ve appreciated some study Bibles before, but the ESV Study Bible is in a different league. It will be one of those works that shape American Christianity for decades.”
Joe Carter,
Author and blogger
“The ESV Study Bible has been my single biggest resource lately. When I first started thumbing through that work I thought if I could just find a way to “inject” this body of knowledge into every Christian, the church would be revolutionized overnight.”
Phil Vischer,
Founder, Jellyfish Labs

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