Trusted Scholarship

The original ESV Translation Team includes more than 100 people. The twelve-member Translation Oversight Committee has benefited from the work of more than fifty biblical experts serving as Translation Review Scholars and from the input of more than fifty members of the Advisory Council, all of which has been carried out under the auspices of the Crossway Board of Directors.

This 100-member team, which is international and represents many denominations, shares a commitment to historic evangelical orthodoxy, and to the authority and sufficiency of the inerrant Scriptures.

In addition to the original translation work completed and published in 2001, the ESV Bible text is carefully reviewed every five years. The result of these five-year reviews is to make minor changes as may be needed and to take into account recent scholarship. The ESV also benefits from the work of the ninety-five scholars who reviewed the text and prepared the notes for the ESV Study Bible.

Altogether ESV scholars come from twelve countries and more than twenty denominations.

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