ESV Bible App

The ESV Bible app is optimized for Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Download it directly from the App Store.

  • Free. The only free ESV Bible App that is available on your iPhone or iPod Touch, with or without an Internet connection.
  • Use. Finding a verse is fast and easy. Seamlessly jump from a cross-reference or footnote back to your passage.
  • Read. Scroll through the entire Bible in landscape or full screen modes and enlarge or shrink font sizes to fit your needs. The ESV Bible App emulates the same unique typography users encounter with print versions of the ESV.
  • Search. Ever had a verse on the tip of your tongue but can’t remember where it’s found? Search for it with the Bible App’s comprehensive concordance.
  • Write. With the ability to record notes, you can capture your thoughts and observations.
  • Highlight. Highlight verses by simply pressing on them. Save them in your favorites for future reference.
  • Share. Share verses with friends and family via e-mail and Twitter.
  • Manage. Add, delete, or reorder your verse favorites. Save your own user-defined preferences.

ESV+ Bible App

The ESV+ Bible application contains all of the features of the ESV Bible application as well as study notes, maps, charts, and illustrations from the ESV Study Bible. In addition, the ESV + Bible application streams audio readings of the entire Bible.

Download the ESV Study Bible+ App todayDownload the ESV Study Bible+ app today.


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