How To


Tap. Simply tap on any verse to bring up the verse detail screen to access features such as cross-references, footnotes, highlights, favorites, sharing and My Notes.

Tap+Hold. Tap+hold to activate the verse multi-select tool to select multiple verses with options to copy and access verse detail information.

Passage Navigation

Passage Navigation Tapping on the “Books” icon in the top left corner will activate the bible book picker where you can access any book and chapter with speed and ease.

Verse Details

The verse detail screen can be accessed by “tapping” on a verse or by “tap+hold” multiple verse select. From the verse detail screen you can highlight, add to favorites, share a verse or create a My Note. You can also view cross-references and footnotes from this screen.

Verse Multiselect

“Tap+Hold” gesture will bring up the verse multi-select tool box. Dragging the endpoints will allow you to select multiple verses for copying or to view multiple verse details.

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