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The ESV Bible and ESV Study Bible are both available in eBook formats from the Crossway store.

Here are a list of stores that carry the e-book editions of the ESV Bible and the ESV Study Bible

eBook Files and Formats

There are two main e-book file formats widely used today.

  • Amazon Kindle Format or Mobipocket Format. These files usually have a .azw or .mobi extension and can only be used on Amazon Kindle devices.
  • E-pub Format. These files usually have a .epub extension and are an open format that can be loaded onto various devices/apps (For example Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony eReader, Apple iPhone/iPad, etc).

E-pub files can be obtained directly and downloaded to a compatible device from an eBooks store like the Barnes and Noble eBook Store, Sony eBook Store, or the Apple iBook store, but many publishers including Crossway offer the eBook files themselves for users to load onto their devices.


How can I load the ESV Bible e-pub file onto my eReader Device?

Due to the fact that many eReader manufacturers support e-pub format and have their own methods of loading user e-book files on to the device we recommend consulting the instruction manual for specific devices. Generally, connecting an eReader device to a computer via USB and copying the e-pub file into the correct folder of the device should be all that’s required.

How can I load the ESV Bible e-pub file onto my mobile phone?

For mobile phones an ePub reader application must first be downloaded and installed. Some popular apps are: Stanza and iBooks (for iPhone and iPads). Once installed, the user should connect their mobile phone to their computer and follow the instructions for Stanza here and for iBooks here.

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