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Share the Good News™ of Christmas

The Share the Good News of Christmas™ program is a simple, inexpensive way to help your church bring the gospel to your community. The vision for this program is to equip local churches with a resource to use in reaching out to neighbors, and inviting them to visit your church this holiday season. By participating, you can help us reach 1 million people with the gospel this year!

Each bag contains a special outreach New Testament, a gospel tract, and a customizable invitation to your church’s Christmas event. Priced for ministry at only $1 per bag (sold in quantities of 50), this affordable package is a great evangelistic resource for churches.


Share the Good News™ of Easter

Inspired by the Share the Good News of Christmas™ program, this Easter kit provides everything a church or individual needs to distribute a special gift bag to 50 neighbors and friends during the Easter season.

The centerpiece component of the bag is an Easter-themed ESV New Testament that offers a unique way to read—and listen to—the entire New Testament in 40 days. A free MP3 CD accompanies each New Testament, providing a lively, dramatized audio recording of the entire ESV New Testament, broken into 40 daily segments, each about 28 minutes long. The printed Bible text is clearly divided into these same 40 daily segments for easy reading and following of the audio recording. Other features printed in the New Testament are a brief Good Friday devotional written by Max Lucado, a devotional for Easter Sunday, and study tools for exploring and understanding the Bible. Also included in the bag are a gospel tract and a customizable invitation to your church’s Easter celebration.

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